Comparison: difference between chocolate bars and protein bars

Sugar in conventional chocolate bars

Sugar Ranking of chocolate bars
No name of chocolate bar sugar content per 100g
1 Bounty 48,2g
2 Kitkat 51,7g
3 Snickers 51,8g
4 Mars 61,7g
Protein Bar Sugar Ranking
Nr Name Of Protein Bar Sugar Content Per 100g
1 BioTech USA Zero Bar Cappuccino Flavoured 0g
2 Weider 60% Protein Bar Salted Peanut Caramel 0,8g
3 Carb Control Protein Bar Banana Nuts 1,6g
4 OhYeah! One Chocolate Birthday Cake Protein Bar 1,66g
OhYeah! One Cinnamon Roll Protein Bar 1,66g
OhYeah! One Birthday Cake Flavor 1,66g
One Salted Caramel Protein Bar 1,66g
8 Questbar Mocha Chocolate Chip Protein Bar 1,7g
BBN Hardcore Protein Block Berries & Cream 1,7g
10 BBN Hardcore Proteinblock Macadamia Nut 1,9g
11 Questbar Protein Bar Cinnamon Roll 2g
Multipower Protein Fit Chocolate Almond 2g
Questbar Protein Bar Cookies & Cream 2g
14 Multipower Protein Fit Bar Peach Yoghurt 2,3g
15 Multipower Protein Bar Blueberry Vanilla 2,4g
16 Grenade Carb Killa High Protein Bar Cookies & Cream 2,5g
17 Barebells Protein Bar Coconut Choco 2,8g
Body Attack Carb Control Blueberry Yoghurt 2,8g
19 AllStars Cleanbar Double Chocolate Chunk 3g
20 Barebells Protein Bar Cookies & Cream 3,1g
21 Barebells Caramel Cashew Protein Bar 3,2g
Weider High Protein Strawberry 3,2g
23 Grenade Carb Killa White Chocolate Cookie 3,3g
Weider High Protein Bar Red Fruits 3,3g
25 Questbar Blueberry Muffin Protein Bar 3,33g
26 Cleanbar Protein Cinnamon 3,9g
27 Got7 Nutrition Dark Chocolate Strawberry 4,5g
28 Neoh Raspberry Crossbar 5g
29 OhYeah! Peanut Butter & Caramel Protein Bar 9,4g
30 OhYeah! Peanut Butter Crunch Protein Bar 9,4g
OhYeah! Chocolate & Caramel Protein Bar 9,4g
32 OhYeah! Cookie Caramel Crunch Protein Bar 11,76g
33 Protein Cookie Madness Choc-Fudge Brownie Beast 13,72g
34 Nature Valley Protein Peanut Chocolate 15,5g
35 Protein Cookie Madness Birthday Cake 15,82g
36 Bounty Protein Bar 17g
37 Power System Professional Protein Bar Nougat Crunch 18g
38 Snickers Protein Bar 18,6g
39 Peeroton Powerpack Oatmeal Bar Banana Bread 18,8g
40 Weider Protein Cookie Vegan 19g
41 Milky Way Protein Bar 19,9g
42 All Stars Whey Crisp Protein Bar White Chocolate Raspberry Crunch 20g
43 AllStars Hy-Pro Deluxe White Chocolate Crunch 21g
44 Whey Crisp Protein Bar Pure Milk Chocolate 22g
Weider Whey Wafer Chocolate 22g
46 Whey Crisp White Chocolate Protein Bar 23g
Power System Protein Bar Raspberry Biscuit 23g
Mars Protein Bar 23g
49 BioTechUSA Oat Bar Oat & Fruits Blueberries 24g
All Stars All Natural Oatcake Coconut 24g
All Stars Muscle Protein Bar Caramel Chocolate Chunk 24g
52 All Stars Muscle Protein Bar Crunchy Caramel Hazelnut 26g
53 Multipower Power Pack XXL Classic Dark 27g
GymPro Protein Crossies Milk Chocolate 27g
55 Energy Cake Chocolate 27,1g
56 GymPro Protein Crossies Yoghurt Cranberry 28g
Sportnahrung Protein Bar Chocolate Nut 28g
58 Sportnahrung Protein Bar Marzipan Almond 28,2g
59 Go Protein Bar Raspberry 28,8g
60 Nutrend Excelent Pineapple Protein Bar 29,7g
Nutrend Excelent Protein Bar Cranberry 29,7g
62 X-treme Protein Flash Banana 30g
Roobar High Protein Cherry & Maca 30g
Inkospor X-Treme Protein Flash Chocolate 30g
Weider White Classic Pack Protein Bar 30g
66 Multipower Power Pack Vanilla Flavour 31g
67 Nutrend Powerbike Bar Mix Berry 31,4g
68 Multipower Classic Milk Power Pack 34g
Multipower Multicarbo Banana Protein Bar 34g
70 High5 Sports Nutrition Energy Bar Coconut 35g
71 Inkospor X-treme Protein Flash Strawberry Vanilla 37g
72 Isostar Powerplay High Protein Bar Yoghurt 41g
Weider Protein Bar Strawberry Vanilla 41g
74 Weider Yoghurt Muesli Protein Bar 46g


2×28,5g Bounty

Bounty Riegel

Supplement Facts 2×28,5 Riegel
Energy 1160kj/278kcal
Total Fat 14,6g
Saturated Fatty Acids 12g
Total Carbohydrats 33,6g
Sugar 27,4g
Protein 2,2g
Salt 0,14g

Supplement Facts per 100g
Energy 2036kj/487kcal
Total Fat 25,7g
Saturated Fatty Acids 21,2g
Total Carbohydrats 58,9g
Sugar 48,2g
Protein 3,7g
Salt 0,25g


51g Mars Bar

Mars bar

Supplement Facts im 51g Riegel
Energy 962kj/229kcal
Total Fat 8,5g
Saturated Fatty Acids 4,2g
Kohlenhydrate 35,8g
Sugar 31,5g
Protein 2,1g
Salt 0,21g

Supplement Facts per 100g
Energy 1886kj/449kcal
Total Fat 16,6g
Saturated Fatty Acids 8,3g
Total Carbohydrats 70,2g
Sugar 61,7g
Protein 4,1g
Salt 0,42g


50g Snickers Bar

Snickers Bar

Supplement Facts im 50g Riegel
Energy 1009kj/241kcal
Total Fat 11,3g
Saturated Fatty Acids 4g
Total Carbohydrats 30,3g
Sugar 25,9g
Protein 4,3g
Salt 0,31g

Supplement Facts per 100g
Energy 2018kj/481kcal
Total Fat 22,5g
Saturated Fatty Acids 7,9g
Total Carbohydrats 60,5g
Sugar 51,8g
Protein 8,6g
Salt 0,31g


40g KitKat Bar

KitKat Riegel

Supplement Facts pro Portion 13,3g
Energy 295kj/71kcal
Total Fat 3,8g
Saturated Fatty Acids 2,2g
Total Carbohydrats 8,1g
Sugar 6,9g
Protein 0,9g
Salt 0,03g

Supplement Facts per 100g
Energy 2008kj/528kcal
Total Fat 28,4g
Saturated Fatty Acids 16,7g
Total Carbohydrats 61g
Sugar 51,7g
Protein 6,6g
Salt 0,19g