Multipower Protein Fit Bar Chocolate Almond

The bar is soft. The flavour was rather bad.

35g bar

Low Sugar, Fibre

Chocolate Almond Flavour

Multipower Protein Bar Almond Flavour

Manufactured by Atlantic Multipower from Hamburg, Germany.

Shelf Life when purchase: 3 months

Multipower Protein Bar

It’s a soft protein bar.

Supplement Facts per 100g

Energy 1.594 kJ, 382 kcal

Total Fat 17g (7g Saturated Fatty Acids)

Total Carbohydrats 24g

Sugar 2g

Protein 40g

Supplement Facts per 35g

Energy 558 kJ, 134 kcal

Total Fat 5,9g (2,4g Saturated Fatty Acids)

Total Carbohydrats 8,4g

Sugar 0,7g

Protein 14g

Multipower Protein Bar Food Aninmal Long Legs

A protein bar animal with long legs. I know, not creative.

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