Protein Bar Review

Protein Bar Review

We reviewed more than 70 different protein bars from countries around the world.

Following characteristics were analyzed:

– sugar content
– taste
– protein content
– total fat
– saturated fatty acids
– carbohydrats
– calories

What makes a protein bar a good protein bar?

To answer this questions it always depends on personal preferences. I can only talk about mine, who are:
– less sugar content
– good taste
– a high content of protein

These are my 3 top features for a good protein bar.

Another features of a good protein bar are:
– less content of fat
– less content of saturated fatty acids
– less calories
– less carbohydrats

If all these features are included in a protein bar, it must be a good protein bar.

The protein bar test review at

All protein bars at were tasted and analyzed on their most important features.  I made a ranking for every single feature. See them on the start page of protein bars.

That’s the way how the visitor can see at first sight which protein bars are leading in the features he likes the most.

Which manufacturers produce the best protein bars?


The protein bar BioTech USA Zero Bar Cappuccino Flavoured made by BioTechUSA contains 0g sugar. Also the 12g carbohydrats, and the high content of protein (45g per 100g), are quite top data in a world ranking. BioTechUSA is a company fron the USA, but the production of the protein bars is located in Hungary. That’s my number on in the protein bar reivew.

BioTech USA Zero Bar Cappuccino Flavoured

Negative feature can not be found really. Of course the 0g content of sugar does not give the taste of a typical chocolate bar. That’s quite normal. But also this problem was solved quite good. The protein bar tastes actually not that bad.

BiotechUSA ZERO Bar 50g Riegel , Cappucino – Eines der besten Proteinriegel – 45% Protein, 0% Zucker, Laktosefrei, Glutenfrei. Low-Carb-Riegel mit Stevia


Weider is a very famous name when it comes to protein bars. I chose this company as the second in my protein bar review. A lot of Weider protein bars are known for their brillant quality. But as Weider has a lot of different protein bars in their assortment, it’s always good to know if you are going to take the right one for you. Because there are also Weider protein bars with a very high content of sugar and low content of protein. These taste quite good, but if you prefer a healthy nutrition, you should avoid them.

Probably the best Weider protein bar is Weider 60% Protein Bar Salted Peanut Caramel. Almost no sugar included. High content of protein. Low fat and saturated fatty acids, as well as low carbohydrats makes this protein bar to one of the best in the world. Of course the taste is not that good as from a classic chooclate bar, but if you are going to get used to it, it should not be a problem anymore.

Weider Salted Peanut Caramel gesalzener Proteinriegel

Only few protein bars can compete with this Weider protein bar. This bar has everything what a perfect protein bar needs.

Weider 60% Protein 45g 24 Riegel Salted Peanut-Caramel


Also the protein bar manufacturer OhYeah! from Charlotte in North Carolina produces very good and tasty protein bars. The third in my protein bar review. One of their product lines is called “One” and impresses with only one gram sugar in a 60g bar. Also the source of protein is only the best in their bars: whey and milk. The OhYeah! protein bar “One” is available in the all kinds of different flavours.

OhYeah One Cinnamon Protein Bar Riegel Proteinriegel Zimt

This protein bar has a cinnamon flavour.  The cinammon flavour is very strong, and OhYeah! also did not forget about some crispy elements inside the bar.

OY YEAH ONE BAR 12x 60g (Cinnamon Roll)

If you prefer OhYeah! products with a little bit more sugar and more taste, you might try this one:

OhYeah! Protein Bar Chocolate Caramel Schokolade Proteinriegel Eiweißriegel

For example: OhYeah! Chocolate & Caramel Protein Bar: gluten free and zero trans fat and still very strong in the taste.  Content of protein very high and even the sugar with just 8g in a 85g bar quite low. That’s why OhYeah! is one of the best protein bar manufacturers which should not be forgotten in this list.


The Protein Crossies from GymPro, a German producer, taste extremely good. I would say they taste best among all in my protein bar review. But such a brillant taste and a healthy nutrition usually can’t be brought under one hat. The protein crossies have quite bad data when it comes to the sugar content, saturated fatty acids, total fat, and the calories. But if you do not care about that, and you just want to have some proteins with a great flavour, I can fully recommend to go for those crossies.

GymPro Whey Protein Isolate Crossies Joghurt Preiselbeer Weisse Schokolade

The taste of the white crossies with cranberries and yoghurt is just unbeatable,

GymPro PROTEIN CROSSIES, Hochwertiger Eiweiß Protein Riegel Ersatz. Low Carb Proteinriegel Alternative zur Schokolade (Joghurt-Cranberry, 10 x 50g)

Order the protein crossies from GymPro if you click this link!


A little bit more healthy with less sugar are the protein bars from Questbar from the USA. Questbar protein bars have genereally a very low content of sugar and fat. And also the content of saturated fatty acids is rather low. The only negative feature is the high content of carbohydrats. The flavour needs a little to get used to it. But that’s not the big problem.

The most tasty Questbar protein in my protein bar review bar is the one with bluberry flavour.  This one also has a good carbohyrats data.  The positive points: good flavour, low calories, and low saturated fatty acids.

Questbar Heidelbeer Muffin Proteinriegel

This is the  Questbar Blueberry Muffin with real blueberries and strawberry sauce.

Quest Nutrition Protein Bar Banana Nut Muffin 12 x 60 g, 1er Pack (1 x 720 g)

Whey Crisp Protein Bars from All Stars

I like protein bars to be dry and crispy. That’s why I do not want to forget about the Whey Crisp Protein Bars from All Stars. These Whey Crisp Protein Bars from All Stars are one of the most tastiest in the world which take part in my protein bar review. Only the protein crossies from GymPro can compete with them.

But also here, if something has a very good taste, it’s not that healthy. The saturated fatty acids have rather bad data. Also the content of total fat is very high. Calories also.

The Whey Crisp White Chocolate Protein Bar with fruits and strawberry sauce. Tastes like a delicious chocolate bar. The taste between this bar with a common protein bar is unbelievable!

All Stars Whey-Crisp Bar, White Chocolate Cookie Crunch, 24er Pack (24 x 50 g)

Grenade Carb Killa

A lot of protein and not much calories. This is the speciality of the English Grenade Carb Killa protein bar. The flavour is also quite nice. This protein bar has not really some bad points. A solid protein bar with a good flavour in my protein bar review. High content of protein, low calories, low sugar content. What more to ask? Grenade Carb Killa is a very good protein bar.

Grenade Carb Killa High Protein Bar White Chocolate Cookie Proteinriegel Eiweißriegel Weisse Schokolade

Grenade Carb Killa Hochproteinriegel, weiße Schokolade-Cookie, 12 x 60g

Got7 Nutrition

Got7 Nutrition protein bars from Germany also have no negative features. Top data when it comes to carbohydrats, saturated fatty acids, and calories. Got7 is one of the best protein bar manufacturers, especially when it comes to healthy protein bars in my protein bar review.

Got7 Core Bar Dark Chocolate Strawberry

A Got7 protein bar as caricature.

GOT7 Nutrition Core Bar, Chocolate Brownie (12 x 60 g)

A detailed ranking …

… of all features of the tested protein bars …

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Have fun!