Multipower Protein Bar Blueberry Vanilla

Strong blueverry flavour but nothing else.
Nothing special.

35g bar

Multipower Blueberry Protein Bar

Made in Germany

Shelf Life when purchase: 3 months

Multipower Blueberry Protein Bar

Blueberry inside. Chocolate outside.

Supplement Facts per 100g

Energy 1.511 kJ, 361 kcal

Total Fat 14g (8g Saturated Fatty Acids)

Total Carbohydrats 24g

Sugar 2,4g

Protein 40g

Supplement Facts per 35g

Energy 529 kJ, 126 kcal

Total Fat 5g (2,8g Saturated Fatty Acids)

Total Carbohydrats 8,5g

Sugar 0,8g

Protein 14g

Multipower Blueberry Protein Bar Russia Russian Flag Russian Colours

Decoration in the colours of the Russian flag.

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