Bounty Protein Bar

A bit weak in the flavour. Filled with a chewy mass. Not compareable with the original Bounty.
51g bar

Bounty Protein Bar

I compared the original Bounty with the Protein Bounty.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom by Mars Chocolate Drinks in Maidenhead.

Shelf Life when purchase: 6 months

Bounty Protein Bar

The optic difference between both bars. There is no coco filling in the protein bar.

Supplement Facts per 100g

Energy 1.606 kJ, 384 kcal

Total Fat 11,4g (8g Saturated Fatty Acids)

Total Carbohydrats 34,6g

Sugar 17g

Protein 37,4g

Supplement Facts per 50g

Energy 803 kJ, 192 kcal

Total Fat 5,7g (4g Saturated Fatty Acids)

Total Carbohydrats 17,3g

Sugar 8,5g

Protein 18,7g

Bounty Protein Bar

Both chocolate bars in chocolate sauce.

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