Snickers Protein Bar

The Snickers protein bar is quite close to the original chocolate bar of Snickers. The only difference: there are more nuts in the chocolate bar, and so the nuts flavour is much more intensive. But the rest is quite the same. So if you love Snickers, and you want the Snickers flavour in a protein bar: GO FOR IT!

I thing I do not like on this bar is the soya protein source. But the taste is really great!

This bar is not suitable for vegetarians!

51g bar

Snickers Protein Bar

Manufactured by MARS CHOCOLATE DRINKS AND TREATS, Maidenhead, United Kingdom.

Shelf Life when purchase: 6 months

Snickers Protein Bar

The unwrapped Snickers Protein Bar.

Snickers Protein Bar

Snickers Protein Bar

I tried the Snickers protein bar with the original chocolate bar.

Snickers Protein Bar

The difference inside between the original and the protein version.

Supplement Facts per 100g

Energy 1.636 kJ, 391 kcal

Total Fat 13,9g (5,3g Saturated Fatty Acids)

Total Carbohydrats 36,1g

Sugar 18,6g

Protein 35,6g

Supplement Facts per 51g

Energy 835 kJ, 199 kcal

Total Fat 7,1g (2,7g Saturated Fatty Acids)

Total Carbohydrats 18,4g

Sugar 9,5g

Protein 18,2g

Snickers Protein Bar

Cutted Snickers original chocolate pieces and protein pieces with hazelnut waffles.

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